December 13, 2019

What YouTube Creators Should Know About Affiliate Links on YouTube.

Affiliate marketing is an old school tactic that many online marketers use to generate additional revenue from online sales. 

So it's surprising that many creators and companies don't use this tactic as part of their video content strategies. Tom had a chance to sit down with Jesse Lakes who's the CEO of Geniuslink to discuss all things affiliate. Here's a breakdown of the discussion. 

  • [0:30] - What's been keeping Tom and Carlos busy over the last week.
  • [4:20] - The story of how Tom met Jesse Lakes during VidSummit.
  • [5:36] - Tom talks with Jesse Lakes from Gen.ius
  • [6:29] - What is affiliate marketing?
  • [9:26] - the 3 major benefits of affiliate marketing
  • [11:26] - Who is Jesse Lakes and how Geniuslink came to be.
  • [16:57] - What is Geniuslink and why is it different from other affiliate marketing?
  • [18:35] - What's the future for
  • [22:28] - Backlash on Amazon's affiliate program
  • [25:10] - The potential of YouTube with affiliate links and how creators use Geniuslink
  • [27:41] - The legalities around affiliate marketing
  • [29:20] - Best practices and tips on disclosing affiliate marketing links
  • [33:25] - Tips on getting more viewers to generate more revenue with affiliate links.
  • [36:47] - What's next for Geniuslink and
  • [39:00] - Post interview thoughts and perspective

Show notes and links: 

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