May 8, 2019

Is Going To VidCon Worth It?

This episode was recorded just as Tom was back from his VidCon London experience in February and we thought it would be a good idea to talk about VidCon 

VidCon Ahaheim is arguably the largest YouTuber and creator gathering in the world. It is the arguably the South by South West (SXSW) of YouTubers, it is an amazing conference for fans and creators.

Anyone who has attended one knows how crazy this gathering for creators and fans but is it worth it for channel managers and content managers who work behind the scenes? 

What are the must-attend conferences out there for video insiders? 

Join us as we discuss this and other conferences that might be of interest. 

  • Vidcon was created by the Green brothers 10 years ago as a gathering for creators.
  • How was VidCon London and is there a real change since Viacom took over?
  • Should you avoid the creator track?
  • What are the other YouTube conferences that insiders should attend? ex: Playlist Live, Buffer Festival or VidSummit Social 

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