November 29, 2019

Is LinkedIn the new hotness for Live Video?

This podcast episode is all about LinkedIn and what kind of potential the platform has for online video creators.

Carlos and Tom have their doubts on the viability of the platform but don’t have enough experience on it to give advice. 

Tom had the chance to talk with Cassandra Thompson who is a career consultant and public speaker who is also focused on audience building on LinkedIn, networking and teaching career growth skills to help others build their careers. 

Join us as we discuss why video creators experiment on the platform and the types of audiences that use LinkedIn. 

Episode timeline:

  • 00:40 - Carlos’ “word on the streets”.
  • 03:39 - Tubebuddy sponsor read.
  • 04:26 - Let's talk about video on LinkedIn.
  • 06:44 - Tom's interview with Cassandra Thompson.
  • 08:44 - Who is Cassandra Thompson and how did she become a LinkedIn expert? 
  • 10:37 - Why should you be on LinkedIn? 
  • 11:14 - What’s the difference between a follower and a connection on LinkedIn? 
  • 17:15 - The state of video on LinkedIn.
  • 23:44 - Cassandra’s experience with LinkedIn live and it’s limitations.
  • 31:34 - Why Tom is a skeptic of LinkedIn live. 
  • 32:15 - Just because you have LinkedIn live, should you use it? 
  • 33:44 - How to export your LinkedIn video to use on other platforms.
  • 35:22 - Best practices and quick tips for LinkedIn video and building an audience.
  • 42:21 - Bad content and "engagement bait" on LinkedIn video.
  • 45:44 - How to post on LinkedIn without being overly promotional?
  • 49:15 - How LinkedIn has changed Cass' life and career.
  • 53:45 - Carlos and Tom's closing remarks and thoughts on LinkedIn.
  • 57:29 - Carlos' humblebrag, he's married to a LinkedIn influencer!
  • 01:01:05 - Why we're still skeptical on the value of content on LinkedIn.
  • 01:04:39 - Big thanks to Tubebuddy for supporting this podcast!

Show notes and links: 

Where to find Cassandra online:

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Follow Tom at @channel_fuel and Carlos at @carlospache_co on Twitter. Podcast Music by Planets Collide and podcast editing by Joe Pacheco 

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