September 23, 2019

The COPPA Episode - The FTC Ruling and Kids Content on YouTube

This is a big one so let's get straight to the point. On September 4th, 2019 the Federal Trade Commission announced that Google and YouTube Will Pay Record $170 Million for Alleged Violations of Children’s Privacy Law. This is the It’s the largest COPPA fine in history and will fundamentally change YouTube and video creators.

To put it simply, on January 1st, 2020 the FTC hammer is coming down hard for kids content on YouTube. Carlos and Tom discuss what this means for the future of kid content on YouTube. 

Additionally, Tom has an interview with a YouTuber who's being affected by the changes Anna's Big Adventure Anna Tyrie.

Join us as we talk about one of the most disruptive updates ever on YouTube. 

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Podcast Music by Planets Collide and podcast production and editing: Joe Pacheco 

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