Video Insiders is supported by TubeBuddy, The Premier YouTube Channel Management Toolkit. TubeBuddy's channel management browser plugin helps creators, brands, and networks save time and grow their brands directly from within YouTube.

Listeners of Video Insiders get an exclusive discount on TubeBuddy STAR and LEGEND licenses. Sign-up your YouTube channels via this 👉🏼 LINK for STAR and this 👉🏼 LINK for LEGEND license.

What is included in TubeBuddy's STAR level:

Upload Checklist, Quick-Edit Toolbar, Quick Links Menu, Notification Commenting, Emoji Picker, Advanced Video Embedding, Video Topic Planner, Thumbnail Generator, Playlist Actions, Default Upload Profiles, Comment Filters, Canned Responses, End Screen Templates, Card Templates, Sunset Videos, Scheduled Video Updates Scheduled Publish and dozens of more features.

Click HERE to sign up to TubeBuddy STAR

What is included in TubeBuddy's LEGEND level:

All the features mentioned in STAR as well as the ability to export comments, competitor upload alerts and scorecard, unlimited brand alert as well as the ability to allow specific people access to your TubeBuddy account

Click HERE to sign up to TubeBuddy LEGEND

CLICK HERE for a full breakdown of features for each plan

And thanks again to the amazing team at TubeBuddy for their support for the podcast!

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