December 31, 2019

2019 Video Insiders recap and what's in store for 2020 for online video

As 2019 comes to a close Tom and Carlos look back on the first year that was for The Video Insiders Podcast. What happened in the world of online video during this year and their predictions for 2020. 

Here's an abbreviated monthly recap of what happened on YouTube in 2019. This is not everything that happened as we've ignored YouTuber vs YouTuber drama which is irrelevant to us.

Other notable news and events that happened on YouTube in 2019: 

Episode 25 timeline:

  • [0:33] What’s the word on the street, what’s keeping us busy.
  • [3:25] Tubebuddy promotion
  • [4:31] Recapping what happened on YouTube in 2019
  • [6:00] Looking back at our 2019 predictions. What Tom got mostly wrong and what Carlos got mostly right! 😉
  • [23:42] The events and news that we didn’t predict and surprised us in 2019.
  • [25:24] The Video Insiders 2020 predictions.
  • [40:12] Which video platform do we think is going to be acquired in 2020?
  • [42:30] What type of content will be de-monetized on YouTube?
  • [44:06] Which YouTube feature will be shut down in 2020?
  • [48:29] Our personal challenges for 2020. How will Video Insiders evolve in the next year?
  • [49:30] Tubebuddy special price promotion.

Thanks to our friends at TubeBuddy for supporting the show. You can use the same pro tools that YouTube professionals like we do to manage multiple channels. Click here for a special offer for Video Insider listeners.

Follow Tom at @channel_fuel and Carlos at @carlospache_co on Twitter. Podcast Music by Planets Collide and podcast editing by Joe Pacheco 

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