Carlos Pacheco and Tom Martin are two marketing and YouTube veterans who have worked behind the scenes helping producers and online creators build channels to audiences of billions.

In each VIP podcast episode, they give you their two cents (whether you like it or not) on what's happening on YouTube, the strategies that the professionals do behind every successful YouTube channel.



Carlos has worked for many years in advertising before he joined Just for Laughs in Montreal as Digital Director in charge of the Gags property. There he caught the YouTube bug and built a team to relaunch the channel bringing it from 250,000 subscribers to close to 4 million in less than 18 months. Looking for a new challenge he then joined Boat Rocker Media in charge of online audience development for many of their brands and launched new channels such as The Next Step and Oh Yum, and laid the groundwork for their digital content distribution.

In 2018 he joined Truly. who was founded by his wife Tara Hunt, a strategic agency in Toronto specializing in digital audience strategies and insights.

With Pachwork Rights, Carlos works and advises producers, content owners, online creators, broadcast networks on their YouTube growth, monetization and piracy protection strategies. He is certified in YouTube audience growth, obsessed with audience growth on the platform.


Tom is a certified YouTube channel manager with an outstanding record of growing subscribers and views with the YouTube channels he has worked on.

He's worked with some of TV's biggest brands and is comfortable with the responsibility that brings. He's grown existing channels and launched new ones bringing growth and success to both. Tom is just as happy with the creative parts of audience development (content creation, titling, metadata) as behind the scenes and am an expert on the mechanics of the YouTube platform and video SEO. Over the years he's built a great network of contacts in the YouTube community both on the channel management and creator sides and have conceived and overseen a number of successful collaborations. Tom is obsessed with all of the latest trends and is keen to help others achieve greater success on YouTube. 

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