November 1, 2019

VidSummit 2019 Recap

Tom's back from VidSummit 2019 and shares all the juicy details of how it went down. What's new with online creators and how the conference is evolving now that MrBeast is a co-owner. 

Topics of discussion: 

  • What is VidSummit?
  • What's new now that MrBeast is a part-owner?
  • The value of going to a conference.
  • How Tom's keynote almost didn't happen.
  • Tom's live YouTube channel audit.
  • Why actionable tactics and lessons are important.
  • Who should go to VidSummit?
  • Which keynotes were the most talked about?
  • Key takeaways from this year's VidSummit.

Extra show notes: We endorse and recommend VidSummit's Replays. Very much worth the money!

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Podcast Music by Planets Collide and podcast production and editing: Joe Pacheco 

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