September 9, 2019

What Type of Content Dominates YouTube?

In this latest installment of Video Insiders, Tom and Carlos discuss the types of content that dominate on YouTube. The show was inspired by a blog post called What content dominates on YouTube? written by Rasty Turek who is the founder of video and music search engine PEX

PEX bills itself as a global video & music search engine and has some data on the content that dominates YouTube. 

Here's what was discussed during the episode: 

  • The new statistics regarding the number of hours being uploaded on YouTube. According to PEX, it's now over 600 hours per minute.
  • We're about to hit peak unique uploaders in the next few years.  
  • What content is really popping? There might be a lot of gaming content but it's not really being watched.
  • No surprise for many that music by far the most viewed per average upload.
  • Entertainment actually has the highest percentage of views and what does this mean? What actionable steps can we make?

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