February 3, 2019

The Video Predictions for YouTube 2019 - The Video Insiders Podcast - Ep.2

In this episode of the Video Insiders Podcast, Tom and Carlos reflect on what happened on YouTube in 2018 as well as their predictions for the platform in 2019.

Looking back, we discuss what happened on YouTube in 2018:

What we see happening on YouTube in 2019.

Carlos' predictions:

  • YouTube increasingly enforcing its platform terms and conditions.
  • YouTube videos are going long and a Hollywood invasion. 

Tom's predictions:

  • YouTube deprioritized UGC uploads in the algorithm.
  • Google will try to leverage Famebit and find other ways to make more from creators.

Show notes: Read Greg Jarboe's article on Video Changing Traditional Media

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Podcast Music by Planets Collide

Podcast production and editing: Joe Pacheco 

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